Following the Right Path

Customer Journey

Sharing a journey together is far more rewarding than doing it alone. You are there to help your customer/client solve a problem or fulfill a need.  You are also there to celebrate their successes. It is why you started your business -- to make a difference in others’ lives. We will create communications that foster and build that relationship.

CRM/Database Management

By grouping your customers/clients together based on what they like, what they need and who they are, we’ll be able to communicate in a cost and time effective manner.  We will create exciting and engaging communications that draws them to act.  I can help build and manage your database,  help you make the most of your existing technology or help find something that works best for you.

Customer Communications

Saying the right thing at the right time along the journey makes a world of difference. We’d all like to know to watch out for that dip in the path before we trip in it -- but telling you 100 yards before it doesn’t really help. The same is with communicating with your customers/clients. They are on a journey with your business -- lead, prospect, active customer/client, past customer/client, referral source, influencer and partner. I will create messages that are appropriate for each stage of their journey and moves them along the path.

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