Many Stalks Create a Bountiful Harvest

For a farmer tending their crops, taking the time to nurture those crops result in a successful harvest. Farmers choose the seed; prepare the land; nurture, feed and weed the maturing plants; understand there can be unforeseen circumstances like too much or too little rain; manage the harvest; and learn from what worked and make changes for the next year.  It is a big undertaking, but breaking into the process into smaller tasks makes the journey rewarding and fulfilling.

It is a similar process with creating a marketing strategy for your business. It is a journey that we will take together.  

  • You have a vision, passion and an expertise that creates a direction for your business.

  • Your customers have a need that you are going to fulfill.

  • We create a brand and communicate your message to your customers/clients on how you can fulfill their needs and solve their problems.

  • We nurture customer relationships and build long term business.

  • We react to unforeseen changes in the market, develop new products and services, and realign your business to respond to those changes.

  • We celebrate the successes for both you and your customers.

  • And through analysis and learning, we evolve your business to achieve long term growth.

Each stalk in a wheat field contributes to the overall success of the harvest. So each component of your marketing and communications strategy is an integral part in the success of your business. It takes planning and long term vision, but the rewards are so bountiful.

Creating a Master Plan

Prepare...plant...feed...nurture...harvest. If any of these go out of order, are done in haste or even forgotten, the harvest will be disappointing at best.  We will create a marketing and communications plan that becomes a part of your overall business plan for success.  

Audience Analysis

If your customer only wants corn and you plant wheat, no matter how great your wheat is, it won’t sell.  Knowing your customer is key -- their needs, their personality, what creative style excites them, do they shop online or in a store, how do they like to be treated, what other needs do they have, and who influences their decisions.  We will create a profile of all your audience segments and develop a communication plan for each audience that speaks personally to them.

Product Differentiation

What wheat makes the best flour? Expert bakers know the difference and which works best for different types of bread. Your service and product is unique because you are unique. Your skills, passion and vision set you apart. I will help you define and communicate those unique qualities.

Connect with Me

Let’s start the conversation of how we can collaborate to grow your business and create a successful harvest.

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